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Losing my religion

As I often tell others, the works of the late evangelical thinker Francis Schaeffer steered me towards an intense study of the intellectual integrity of biblical Christianity in my university years.There I was, struggling with the proposition that faith has become irrelevant, when a friend of mine mentioned Schaeffer to me. Reading his works and getting acquainted with the L’Abri community he had founded, I became convinced that evangelicalism still has something important to say to world. I have since transcended Schaeffer’s approach to philosophy but I owe him a great debt of gratitude for steering me to stay on course. Hence it would come as a surprise to me when I learned later that his beloved son Franky had converted to the Orthodox faith, decrying all that his father had stood for as a big fraud. Recently, Franky would publish his memoirs of his family’s life in L’Abri, aptly entitled ( or is it derisively entitled ?) Crazy for God. OS Guinness, who knew the Schaeffers well as a partner in the ministry (and would later on part ways with Francis over a disagreement on the issue of ministry direction) writes a well-considered review of Franky’s book, disputing the caricature the son had reduced the father into in the book. With many others, I hope Franky would write a riposte to the Guinness piece.


John Marks , a well-known media personality in the US, is another self-confessed former evangelical. He has written a book accounting for how he got saved and was lost again. Read here a thoughtful review of the book by an evangelical who stayed in the faith, as found in the pages of Books and Culture.

Written by Romel

February 27, 2008 at 12:02 am

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