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Just off the press

The venerable Philippine Law Journal has just published a long essay of mine with the title: Rethinking the Foundations: Sovereignty, Community and the International Legal Order from a Social Pluralist Perspective.

The book-length essay, a revised version of my master’s thesis, came out on issue 1 of Vol. 82 — the PLJ’s international law issue (pp. 68-237). I have the happy privilege of having this article of mine published in the law journal’s volume marking the University of the Philippines’ centenary.

I haven’t seen my complimentary copy yet but the editors sent me a PDF file of the article’s pre-publication final draft. When I was negotiating with the editors for the possible publication of the piece in the pages of the journal, my first concern was that they’ll instead require a shortened version; I didn’t want it published in abridged form. In the end, they agreed that the essay should be published in full, all 170 pages of it. Perhaps, it helped that I used to be an editor of the PLJ and that I sent them the piece with a note that it is in fact a work-in-progress that will be printed in book form in Amsterdam.


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March 19, 2008 at 3:12 am

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