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Or is it just shrewd politics at work?

I accompanied the boss last night to dinner with a top honcho of the largest German political foundation who is now based in Singapore as chief of its Asia Rule of Law program. Over paella at Casa Armas in the Podium, our chit-chat gravitated towards the Thai-Cambodian border dispute after he mentioned that prior to his current posting, he did time in Cambodia. Sure, every now and then, there’d be border clashes, he said, adding that in fact, a few years ago, angry Cambodians burned down the Thai embassy, which happened to be located just across their Cambodian office. This recent tiff, however, is all for a show. Well, the Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen, was up for re-election. And what better way to show his constituents that he’s the man that’s still fit for the job than by doing a little muscle-flexing? Apparently he was in cahoots with some friends over at the other side of the border. Proof of that is that Hun Sen won the elections hands down and right after that, things quieted down again at Preah Vihear, according to our interlocutor.

Oh well. Sounds like Batman and the Joker locked in a Yin-Yang embrace.

Bernard should tell this to his Thai and Cambodian friends at the International Center.



Written by Romel

July 31, 2008 at 9:29 am

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