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For T. M.


Now that you are gone, you suddenly loom large in our memory, its vast spaces emptying themselves of our puny, if laughable, concerns to give way to you. Ah, pain comes in varying degrees, but it is there, when we pause from our present worries and remember. Do we say, like Rilke, that we have our own dead, of whom we have let go, and they are so at home at being dead, so contended, and so cheerful? (But you didn’t even give us the chance to properly let go of you because you simply chose to go away unnoticed!)

And how could we speak of you as if you now belonged only to the past? Here, in the memory of the heart, you are so much promise still happening, untouchable to nature’s unpredictable claims. If we can only transform things from the real to the unreal, and speak only of mere reflections upon the dark surfaces of our gloomiest days, and not of the irrevocability of your absence, its somber shadows now lengthening, now engulfing us…


Written by Romel

January 29, 2015 at 5:28 am

Posted in college life, poetry, tula

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